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Communication matters: How trees talk to each other. Suzanee Simard , Forest Ecologist

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Feedback from previous firewalks


The workshop exceeded my expectations because it was full of surprises. Flor’s way of leading the event was full of fun and light about serious ideas. The experience challenged fears, helping to overcome fears in a caring, secure group of people. The first walk over the fire sent a tingle through my entire body. I would repeat the experience.

Margaret Watts

Secondary School Teacher, Glasgow

The workshop met thoroughly my expectations. I loved the relaxed, fun style of leading the event. I felt very comfortable. I would always recommend it to others. I have learned about myself and my readiness. IT was a fantastic evening: as Flor says: It is EASY!!! I would love the opportunity to do this again.

Angela Adams

Life coach, East Kilbride


The workshop exceeded my expectations. The informal and inspirational style made it relaxing. The firewalking was exhilarating: an incredible experience. At the time I was feeling stuck in life and had no drive to pursue my dream. After the workshop I felt I could walk the extra mile and now I’m marvelled that I’ve done it when it had seemed previously impossible to manage to get the time and the money that were necessary. It really energised me, both physically and in terms of grounding the vision of my dream. I would definitely do it again and recommend it to anyone.

Isabelle Mccallum



It was a perfect experience… perfect in every way. The people, the place, the love, the peace… It was a brilliant evening and I found Flor inspiring, spiritual and fun.The workshop exceeded my expectations: energy and love rises in the group and fills my soul with inspiration, now there is a velvet carpet of embers to stay in my heart. The fire has revived me and the whole night has totally inspired me. I would definitely repeat the experience-every day If I could.Thanks for all.

Silvia Rome

Actress, musician, writer, Glasgow,


The workshop was completely different from what I imagined, but more beautiful. Flor´s way of leading the event is very inspiring, real and honest. It was a moment in time that changes life. Amazing. The workshop was as awakening as the actual firewalk- it was addictive, your wanted to feel it.

Glenda Rome

Filmmaker, writer. Edimburgh

The workshop met all my expectations. Flor´s way of leading the event was honest and beautiful. I would recommend other people to experience a firewalk. My confidence was high and I felt really safe, it was a lot of fun. I would definitely repeat the experience… I would keep doing them!!!

Wendy Woolfson

Manager, Storyteller. Glasgow


The experience show me how to face my fears. There was a great sense of fun that I wasn´t expecting. I would both recommend and repeat the experience Thank you Flor.It was an amazing, liberating experience and will definitely fire-walk again. And gratitude to you, for your time and energy to put into to-night. You are a truly special and wonderful soul.

Julie, Art student

Thank you for a wonderful night. Austin said it was the best thing he has ever done. It was a great experience for us all.Love.

Ali, Austin and Anders

Tir NA Nog

Just to thank you again for the unforgettable experience… I feel alive. In fact, I feel awakened.

Grant Reid

Photographer. Tir Na Nog, Glasgow




The workshop exceeded my expectations. I love the way Flor leads firewalks and I would recommend this experience to others. It was extraordinary, surprising and special. I had a great evening. My comments wouldn’t mean much to others: Taste it for yourself! I would definitely repeat the experience.

December 2008- Tir Na Nog, Scotland


The way of leading the event was peaceful, informative, fun, fun. I would most definitely recommend the firewalk to others. I had an amazing, life affirming experience and great fun. The firewalk was energizing, it made me connect with spirit, family and others. I would repeat the experience at every opportunity.

Donna Houston, nurse . Glasgow

December 2008, Tir Na Nog, Scotland


There aren’t the words to share exactly my experience. I enjoyed the evening very much. Flor always exceeds expectations. I know I didn’t have expectations! I would repeat a very similar one.

December 2008, Tir Na Nog


I’ve got the impression tht far more things happened during the firewalk of what I can perceive. It has all been fantastic. I feel dancing inside and outside

Jaione Topete

Artist, Glasgow.






Paisajes del Alma

Explosión de Supernovas en mi Corazón.

Hay momentos y encuentros que nos llevan a descubrir nuevos paisajes de nuestro alma.    En ocasiones nos muestran territorios que desorientan nuestra brújula como lo haría una “Tormenta en el s…

Origen: Paisajes del Alma

Paisajes del Alma

   Hay momentos y encuentros que nos llevan a descubrir nuevos paisajes de nuestro alma.

   En ocasiones nos muestran territorios que desorientan nuestra brújula como lo haría una “Tormenta en el sol”. Otras veces nos conducen a sumergirnos en cataratas de creativa pasión, radiante bienestar y paz infinita como en “Milagro de Amor”.

Milagro de Amor



Al encontrarnos espejos que nos sacan música del Alma y hacen latir nuestro corazón con la acelerada fuerza de una supernova como en “Explosión de supernovas en mi corazón”, navegamos por nuestro espacio sideral, el microcosmos espejo del macrocosmos.

   En cada uno de esos momentos, soltando lo innecesario, renacemos como un pavo real que muestra sus colores.


 aloha magic II copy 2


“Cauda Pavonis” o “Cola de Pavo Real” . En Budismo Tibetano es una práctica en la que la pluma del pavo real representa nuestra naturaleza de pura potencialidad, pura luz elemental. Los templarios la utilizaron profusamente en su trabajo estructural. En Catolicismo representan renovación, renacimiento e inmortalidad.

   Las plumas del pavo real son un símbolo universal de un estado específico de consciencia y una manifestación de lo que puede ser experimentado en nuestro día a día.

   En general, el pavo real representa gloria, inmortalidad, realeza e incorruptibilidad. Posee algunas de las características humanas más admiradas y es un símbolo de la belleza e integridad que se pueden lograr cuando nos concentramos en mejorarnos a nosotros mismos y nuestras vidas.